Yalla Chance Review – An Online Shopping Experience You’ll Love


Are you someone who often purchases stuff online? If yes then you have come to the right place because your habit of online shopping is about to bring you some great prizes. Do you know you can purchase stuff online and get a chance to win big prizes? Yes, that is very much possible and you won’t even have to break the bank to do that. I am talking about Yalla Chance, an ecommerce website where you can shop and win big. Let me share with you some great details in this Yalla Chance review. 

Big Prizes Awaiting You

So, shopping on Yalla Chance is not like shopping on any other website or in any store. The experience is completely different because the moment you purchase your first product, you get entered into a lucky draw. The more products you purchase from the website, the more coupons you get and it means you have more entries in the lucky draw. This raises your chances of winning to a great degree. Now, what are the prizes that you can win with your coupons? The list is long and you can see them on the website, but I will talk about the big ones here. 

You have a chance to win the latest iPhone or Samsung phone. In addition to that, if you have been long thinking about investing some money in gold, you can do that too. There are different types of campaigns and one of them can win you 10g gold. I also have to tell you that there are cash prizes as well. One of the campaigns on the website can win you AED 15000 for purchasing something that’s as cheap as AED 60 only. 

A Transparent Lucky Draw Process

There are no ifs and buts in the lucky draws that take place on this website. When you are on the website and looking through the campaigns, you can clearly read that there are lucky draw dates written too. However, I want you to pay attention to the small round illustration they have with every product. That illustration tells you how many coupons of that campaign are left to purchase. As soon as all of them have been purchased, the lucky draw takes place immediately. Yes, this means you don’t necessarily have to wait until the day of the draw to win a huge prize. 

I like the fact that it is pretty clear to everyone how the lucky draws take place. Don’t forget that there is a dedicated page on the website that shows you the winners of the previous lucky draws. You can know their names, see their pictures, and also see what prizes they have won. I highly recommend that you download the Yalla Chance mobile application to keep track of the lucky draws. This application is available both in Play Store and App Store. This means it will run on your Android phones as well as your iPhone.

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Customer Support You’ll Admire

All of this is great, but you know your experience can be marred by poor customer support. I am glad I am telling you about Yalla Chance, a website that really cares about its customers. The company has trained staff to help you with your concerns. They are there to help you on email as well as phone. You can call them on the phone number given on the website or email them with whatever question you have. If you just have a generic query about the campaigns or the website, I am sure you will find a satisfactory answer in the FAQs section. 

Final Thought

Before I forget, I do want to tell you that the website allows you to make donations as well. It has several charities it has signed up for and the details are given on the website. So, when you purchase stuff from Yalla Chance and enroll in campaigns to win huge prizes, you can rest assured that you have the opportunity to help the needy as well.