QuickBooks Error H202
QuickBooks Error H202

QuickBooks offers users two modes in which one can work with the company file. One is the Single-User mode, in which only a single user can work on the company file. The other is Multi-User mode using which several users can work on the company file simultaneously. However, running QuickBooks in multi-user mode requires several additional components and a specific configuration lack of which can trigger issues like QuickBooks error H202. This common company file error restricts users from accessing the company file stored on the server. For more info on identifying and resolving the error H202, follow the complete article until the end.

Troubleshooting the error on your own poses a risk to the company data. We suggest you contact QuickBooks Desktop technical support team for immediate help and guidance in resolving the errors related to the company file in QuickBooks

Reasons that Trigger QuickBooks Company File Error H202

There are several reasons why you can face issues accessing the company file in QuickBooks, and down below is a list of all the possible reasons for it.

  1. If QuickBooks Database Server Manager is not running in the background of your system.
  2. Incorrect hosting configuration due to which QuickBooks on the server can’t host the company file.
  3. Interruptions from Windows Firewall due to which the workstation computer can’t connect with the server computer.

Let us now walk you through the troubleshooting solutions that will help you resolve the issue in no time.

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Solutions to Quickly Rectify Error H202 in QuickBooks

Solution 1: Run QuickBooks Database Server Manager using QuickBooks Tool Hub

  1. If you have not already installed QuickBooks Desktop Tool Hub, get it installed.
  2. You can find the download link for Tool Hub on the official QuickBooks website.
  3. Once installed, run it and move to the Network Issues tab and select QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  4. You will get a prompt to install QuickBooks Database Server Manager if it is not already installed on your system.
  5. Once QBSM is up on the screen, click Start Scan if you can see your company file in it.
  6. If it is not showing your company file, navigate to the location of the company file using the Browse button and then click the Start Scan button.
  7. Now your Windows Firewall permissions will automatically get repaired once the scan completes.
  8. Close QuickBooks Database Server Manager and retry to access the company file.

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Solution 2: Change the Hosting Configuration on the Server and the Workstation Computer

  1. Go to the File tab in the QuickBooks installed on the server computer and click the Utilities drop-down option.
  2. If you see the Host Multi-User access option, click it to enable multi-user hosting on the server.
  3. Now go to each workstation and ensure no one is set to host the company file and all are showing the Host Multi-User option.

    Try to open the company file on the system that was getting the error and check if it is fixed. If you still get QuickBooks error H202 while accessing the company file on any workstation, contact QuickBooks Desktop technical support at 1.800.579.0391 for help.

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