Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, speaks at the Davos forum following a catastrophic helicopter crash


Following the death of 14 persons in a helicopter crash in the nation’s capital, Kyiv, Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, declared that “no accidents happen in wartime.”

Ukraine has not accused Russia of being involved, but Mr. Zelensky said the tragedy was a result of the war at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Denys Monastyrsky, the interior minister, killed along with a number of his coworkers.

In his video speech, Mr. Zelensky also urged friends to supply more weapons right now in anticipation of more Russian offensives.

“The terrorist state uses the time the free world uses to think to kill,” he said. The comment was taken as a request to Germany to expedite the delivery of its highly desired Leopard tanks.

According to reports, Berlin has refused to ship the vehicles until the US agrees to send its own Abrams battle tanks. The UK has announced its intention to send some of its own tanks to Kiev.

In a statement made on Wednesday at Davos, the president of the Nato military alliance said that Ukraine might anticipate receiving “more support, more advanced support, heavier weaponry, and more contemporary weapons.”

Nato member states will meet on Friday to discuss what military supplies can be delivered to Kiev, according to Jens Stoltenberg.

Around 8:30 local time on Wednesday, a helicopter crashed near a nursery in Brovary, a town outside of Kiev (06:30 GMT). Children made up one of the 14 fatalities.

One of President Zelensky’s longest-serving political advisors was Mr. Monastyrsky, 42. He is the most well-known Ukrainian victim since the war started.

His passing deeply affects the Kyiv government, as the interior ministry is responsible for managing the police and ensuring security during the conflict.

Throughout the conflict, he served as a recognizable face for Ukrainians, keeping them informed of the deaths brought on by Russian missile strikes when the country was invaded in February 2022.

Mr. Monastyrsky had been traveling to a “hot area” for conflict, according to the deputy head of the presidential office of Ukraine. The ministerial delegation had been in route to meet him, the Kharkiv police chief noted.

No evidence exists that the collision was anything other than an accident.

However, the SBU state security service stated that it was looking into a number of potential explanations, including sabotage, a technical issue, or a violation of flight regulations.

To prevent notice, important officials are frequently carried by helicopter through Ukraine at tree level, but doing so carries risks.

A door panel and one of the helicopter’s rotors that landed on the roof of a car were all that remained of the vehicle. There were three bodies nearby that were wrapped in foil blankets.

Along with Tetiana Shutiak, Mr. Monastyrsky’s assistant, other officials killed in the crash were first deputy minister Yevhen Yenin, state secretary Yuriy Lubkovych, and others.

Ihor Klymenko, the commander of Ukraine’s national police, was named acting interior minister as a result of the tragedy.

Since the ministry played a big part in Ukraine’s resistance to the invasion, MP Mariia Mezentseva, a friend of the late minister, said it was a tragedy for everyone.

“He replied to his friends, family, and coworkers around-the-clock. From the beginning of his presidential campaign, he was close with President Zelensky “She spoke to the BBC.

The collision was described as a “heartbreaking catastrophe” by US President Joe Biden.

Before leaving for work, parents dropped off their kids at the kindergarten when the helicopter touched down close by.




There were many casualties on the ground. 11 of the 25 people who were hurt on the ground were children, in addition to the child who was killed.

President Zelensky was supported by witnesses in Kiev who believed that the conflict was to blame for the catastrophe.

According to a local resident, Volodymyr Yermelenko, “it was very foggy and there was no electricity, and when there is no electricity, there are no lights on the buildings.”

According to several witnesses, the pilot made an effort to steer clear of tall structures before the crash and instead came down close to the kindergarten.

“Parents were yelling and running. Panic was present “explained Lidiya, a neighborhood volunteer. The youngsters were hurriedly evacuated as the fire quickly spread across the daycare building by emergency personnel and locals.

Dmytro, a resident, recalled hopping a fence to help kids escape. He claimed to have picked up a girl whose blood-covered face prevented her father from recognizing her.

The incident occurred four days after one of the bloodiest strikes on civilians to hit Ukraine since the war’s beginning.

45 people, including six children, were killed when a Russian missile struck a building of apartments in the city of Dnipro.