Zenius Collaborates with Disney to Present Educational Content

Zenius Collaborates with Disney to Present Educational Content

Zenius Collaborates with Disney to Present Educational Content

The edutech platform Zenius collaborates with Disney to present Disney and Pixar-themed content on their learning platform, ZeniusLand.

Zenius Land was officially launched yesterday. And offers a concept as a playground and digital learning for children. To explore new knowledge interactively.

With the presence of a variety of new content in collaboration with Disney. Zenius Land will provide a fun learning experience for elementary school students.

ZeniusLand was first introduced in September 2021. By working together, this application will present several characters that are familiar to children.

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Zenius hopes that this character will help instill a love of learning in children.

because they build understanding of concepts and learn through play.

“We at Zenius believe that learning should be an enjoyable process. And we are proud of our unique approach to pedagogy,” said Zenius CEO Rohan Monga.

According to Rohan, the collaboration between Zenius and Disney will strengthen their core values, namely Smart, Bright, and Fun.

This collaboration is also claimed to make ZeniusLand the first to present the wonders of the Disney world and Pixar-themed educational materials for students in Indonesia.

Veronica Cabalinan, Executive Director of Publishing for The Walt Disney Company for Asia Pacific, Middle East and North Africa, said Disney hopes to improve children’s e-learning experiences.







“Recognizing the important role of digital platforms and applications as the first destination for most children to access knowledge in today’s era, Disney hopes to enhance their e-learning experience,” he said.

“Especially by expanding the reach of our storytelling to elementary age students online,” added Cabalinan.

Interactive materials including learning videos, exercises, and game-based activities will encourage children to explore exciting missions on the platform and put what they have learned into practice.

Apart from Disney characters, students can also enjoy learning adventures along with the original presence made by Zenius, namely Tiga Sekawan: Gika, Maji, and Aksara.

“With the presence of Disney-themed content and activities in our application, Zenius hopes that children will be inspired to become active learners who think critically,” concluded Rohan.