Epson introduces the T series SCARA All-in One robotic device update

Epson, an electronics company from Japan, presents an update to the SCARA All-in One T series robotic device, which aims to provide convenience to users from beginners to professionals.

In his official statement, Monday, Team Lead Robotic Solution Business Unit (RSBU), Rudyanto Sudarman revealed that the Epson T series robots such as the SCARA All-in-One T3-B and T6-B Robots are equipped with Epson RC+ Express programming.

“The T3-B and T6-B series are equipped with Epson RC+ which is packed with features and Epson RC+ Express industrial automation development software without code which is of course designed for ease of use. Ideal for use by both beginners and advanced users,” said Rudyanto Sudarman.

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In addition to aiming to provide convenience, this renewal will also be able to meet production demands along with increasing product value, cost management efficiency, and ensuring the safety of working employees.

“As newcomers and experienced experts look for the right automation solution, Epson Robots, the world’s #1 SCARA robot manufacturer, announced an update to its T-Series line with the T3-B and T6-B All-in-One Robot SCARA,” he said. .

In this regard, Epson RC+ itself is an easy-to-learn programming language that offers a powerful set of tools to redefine automation efficiency.

This technology is presented by Epson with a design that can develop simple and powerful robot programs easily and efficiently even for users who are beginners in programming.

Epson RC+ Express is also believed to be able to overcome automation barriers with an easy-to-use codeless teaching robot environment.

Epson is straightforward, saying that the new SCARA All-in-One T3-B and T6-B Robots will offer high quality and performance at an outstanding value by simplifying automation applications in completing production from complex to simple.

“For example, such as packaging, picking and placing, dispensing, and inspection are so easy,” he explained.

The all-in-one industrial robot also includes intuitive software, advanced features and reliability issues found in high-end Epson robots.

All-in-one industrial robots can also keep total cost of ownership low which can be utilized by the automotive, medical development, laboratory automation, consumer electronics, electronic components and industrial industries.

The new SCARA robot from Epson features an All-in-One, space-saving design that includes a built in controller placed inside the robot with an internal power source for end-of-arm tooling.

The T3-B and T6-B are ensured to be compatible with Epson’s integrated circuits such as vision guidance, IntelliFlex parts feeding, teach pendant, and master and slave field bus interfaces.

Additional updates were also provided for an improved form factor design and updated motion controls with smoother and faster cycle times. The main feature prepared for the device is that the bida device is easily installed and integrated quickly.

“Installation in minutes, unlike complex linear-slide systems, requires less time and money for system integration,” he says.

Then, the value provided is also uncompromising, including the same intuitive software, advanced features, and reliability as found in high-end Epson robots. This can help and keep the total cost of ownership low.

Next, the device is available in 100V-240V power which is certainly low in wattage and power consumption. The device also does not require a special panel or plug.

“Built-in power for end-of-arm tooling, eliminating the need for an external power source. No batteries required for the encoder, minimizing downtime and reducing overall cost of ownership,” he said.

Another integrated option, according to him, is the availability of a teaching pendant, a field bus master and slave interface board, including EtherNet/IP and additional instructions that facilitate integration with the Allen Bradley PLC.

As for the new intuitive software features, the simple visual interface is intended to streamline the automation and ease of programming of the Epson SCARA Robot for the needs of the growing automation business as manufacturers seek to increase volume and improve quality, cost and employee safety.