How Do You Pair Your Android Phone to Your Windows PC?

39 is utilized to link an Android gadget and a Windows PC. This Microsoft component must be among Android and Windows gadgets. Utilizing the include, one can link their smartphone and PC and work their phone capabilities on the actual PC.

What Is Microsoft Phone Link (Your Phone) Application?

Microsoft Phone Affiliation, ahead of time Your Phone, is a free application made by Microsoft. The Phone Affiliation application licenses you to get second authorization to all that on your Android phone right from your PC. It could convey your Android anytime phone to a Windows 10/11 PC to allow you to view and offer all due appreciation to Android messages, settle on and get phone decisions, view your warning, access your phone’s applications and photographs, drag records between your PC and phone, starting there, the sky is the limit.

Microsoft Phone Affiliation can be likewise used to reflect the screen of an Android contraption. It likewise has a cross-contraption reorder consolidate that licenses clients to send imitated pictures or message between the Android and Windows gadgets. In any case, this part is eventually in beta and just open on a Samsung gadgets with the Relationship with Windows association.

Check the Microsoft Phone Affiliation download and client guide under.

Instructions to Download the Microsoft Phone Link Application

To get everything rolling, you want to introduce an application on your phone and an application on your PC.

  • On your Android, download the Link to Windows application from the Google Play Store.
  • In the application, tap Link your phone and PC.
  • Adhere to the guidelines in the application. In an internet browser on your PC, go to and check the QR code that springs up.
  • Tap Forge ahead with your phone.
  • Tap View Authorizations and empower the consents the application demands (Phone, SMS, Contacts, and Capacity). At the point when you’re finished, your phone will be associated with your PC.

Elements of Link Phone to PC

Here are a few elements that can be gotten to from your Windows PC as per the arrival of the application’s true page on

  • Send and get SMS messages.
  • Access photographs and displays.
  • Move documents from phone to PC or the other way around.
  • Utilizing the cellphone screen straightforwardly from the PC.

Essential Necessities for Linking the Phone to Windows PC:

Your Telephone Mate: Enjoy the moment if you don’t have this application on your android; we have a basic trick go to a web program on your telephone for aka ms/phonelinkqrc and visit aka ms/yourpc.

Your Telephone application on your Windows PC: clients with Windows 10 transformation or more updates from 10 October 2018 would at this point have the Your Telephone application presented on their PC.

Wi-Fi affiliation: Both the contraptions ought to be related with significant solid areas for a consistent web relationship with avoid any weight.

How to Link Your Android gadget?

  • Look for Link to Windows in the Google Play Store, then, at that point, download the application.
  • Check a QR code that is shown to you on your PC. To get to the QR code, open your PC’s program and go to
  • Utilize the in-application camera on your Android gadget to filter the QR code showed on your PC.
  • You may be incited for a few consents subsequent to examining the QR code.

Instructions to Link Your Phone to a Windows PC with

The accompanying advances will let you know how to interface your phone to a Windows PC with include.

  • Open the Settings application on your PC.
  • Then, click on the Phone Choice.
  • Click on the choice to “Add a phone” as displayed beneath. On the following window, select the sort of phone you will add.
  • Click on keep on continuing with the linking.
  • Enter your dynamic portable number and tap on Send. Microsoft will make an impression on your versatile number containing the download link of the Phone Sidekick application that is vital for link your phone to your PC.
  • Click the download link of “Your phone Buddy application” from Microsoft.
  • After the establishment of the application, open it and output the QR Code that is appearing on
  • Your Phone will currently be effectively linked to your PC.

Advantages of Linking Your Phone to Windows PC

Linking your Phone to a PC has never been more fundamental. Clients get to do a ton of different things by linking the two gadgets.

Have you at any point considered answering to a WhatsApp message or some other instant message on your phone from the actual PC?

Indeed, linking the gadgets makes this conceivable.

With Windows’ Your Phone application, Android clients get the best reconciliation.

Furthermore, this is how it’s done:

  • Beginning with the most fundamental advantage clients can flawlessly move content from the phone to the PC. Thus, neglect to email yourself every one of the significant documents and pick the fast and more direct way-intuitive.
  • Clients can immediately get to applications introduced on the phone from their PC. Furthermore, in the event that you have a Wi-Fi association, you can utilize these applications to visit, play, peruse and do substantially more through the bigger screen of your PC alongside the console. Furthermore, performing various tasks likewise works.
  • Android clients can without much of a stretch see instant messages, WhatsApp messages, or different messages by means of warning spring up on the PC and can likewise answer to these messages through something similar. They can furthermore open the application and afterward check or answer to the messages.
  • Utilize the cross-gadget reorder component to duplicate from one gadget and glue on another. You don’t need to duplicate things two times; simply duplicate from your PC and glue on the Android phone or the other way around.
  • Clients can now effectively settle on and get voice decisions on their PC. They can answer calls by utilizing PC speakers and a microphone. Accordingly, presently you needn’t bother with your phone to be close to you just to go to the calls.
  • Android clients can now quickly access up to 2000 photographs from the phone on their PC.
  • All you really want is to set up your gadget and change its settings for these elements to work. Furthermore, if it’s not too much trouble, recollect that main Android phone clients can get these advantages. Microsoft can’t interface with Apple’s iPhones because of Apple’s security which makes it extremely difficult to get predictable and solid matching up.

In this way, presently you know the advantages you get in the wake of linking your Android phone with your Windows PC. In any case, do you have at least some idea how to link the gadgets?

What are the prerequisites? Peruse!